Emergency Management

During disasters or large scale incidents the Butte County OEM coordinates the overall response through the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). When activated, the EOC provides a central location for responding and supporting agencies to collaborate response and recovery efforts in order to effectively and efficiently provide information and deploy resources.

In non-disaster times the Butte County OEM supports and coordinates disaster planning, community preparedness, mitigation, and training.

Emergency Mass Notifications

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Email the Butte County Sheriff's Office if you have trouble registering your address for notifications.

Emergency Management Functions

Protection (Prevention)

Actions taken to stop or avoid an incident.


Measures to reduce the likelihood of occurrence, or reduce the damaging effects of the hazard. These activities should be done prior to an incident.


Preparedness activities increase a community's ability to respond when a disaster occurs. Emergency response plans, evacuation plans, family communications plan and assembling a family disaster kit are just a few examples of preparedness.


Actions taken immediately before, during and after a disaster to protect human lives and property from damaging effects. For individuals, it is being able to act responsibly and safely to protect yourself and your family from the impacts of a disaster event.


Actions taken to return community to normalcy. For catastrophic events this may take years.