Dog Services

Butte County has an estimated 50,000 dogs! That's a lot of dogs to keep track of. Butte County Animal Control has guidelines established to keep you and your dogs safe and healthy.

Third Grade Dog Bite Prevention

Knowing how to safely approach a dog and what to do if you are approached by a dog can prevent dog bite injuries. View the "Paws' Laws" Dog Bite Prevention video. To request an education packet for your school or third-grade classroom, email the Public Health Communications Manager. You may also download the Paws' Laws Poster (PDF).

Dog Licensing

Licenses are vital in helping us reunite you with your lost pet, and they make it easy to keep track of rabies vaccinations. Learn more about the importance of pet ID tags, microchips, licensing, and collars.

Visit the Dog Licensing page for more information.

Report Barking Dogs

To file a barking complaint you must first determine whether you live in or outside a sphere of influence of unincorporated Butte County. Learn how to file a complaint and get tips on how to resolve the issue

View the Barking Dog Guidelines page for more information.

Report a Dog Bite

All animal bites from a dog (or cat) are required to be reported as part of Butte County's Public Health and Rabies Prevention Programs. Learn the steps to take if you or someone you know has been bitten.

View the Report a Dog Bite page for more information.

Dogs at Large

Pet ownership comes with responsibilities and requirements, including proper containment of your dog. If your dog gets loose, you may be issued citations depending on the nature of the damage done by your dog.

View the Dog at Large page for more information.