Report an Animal Issue

Animal Issues May Include:

  • Stray or loose animals
  • Injured or sick animals
  • Aggressive dogs
  • Dogs chasing or harassing livestock
  • Welfare checks on animals
  • Dogs in hot vehicles
  • Feral cats
  • Biting animals
  • Wildlife and domestic animal contact

When Reporting an Issue, Please Provide the:

  • Exact location, with street names and addresses
  • A complete description of the animal:
    • Size
    • Color
    • Breed
    • Gender
  • Nature of the abuse or problem
  • License plates of owners
  • Address and description of the home and suspected person
  • Take pictures of the animals if possible

Report an Animal Issue

Complaints of animal issues can be submitted online. Please complete the Citizen Statement Form.

Report a Barking Dog

Complaints about barking dogs are submitted online. Please complete the Barking Dog Complaint Form.

Report Animal Bites

If you or someone you know has been bitten by an animal, please file a bite report with Butte County Animal Control. From the list of animals below, select the appropriate bite report link.

Cat Issues

In unincorporated Butte County, there is no limit on the number of cats that can be owned. The only requirement for cats is that they are to be vaccinated against rabies at the age of 4 months. Cats are very prolific and adapt easily to their environment. That is why all cats should be sterilized to prevent unwanted litter. If you are having issues with cats you can:

  • Set humane traps and take cats to the NorthWest SPCA; they will take them for free.
  • Trap cats and have them sterilized at a reduced fee at PAWS.
  • or Butte Humane Society. View a list of low-cost clinics and veterinarians (PDF).
  • Make a spay/neuter donation to Butte County Animal Control for the FIX IT KITTY Program.

Butte County Animal Control supports Trap-Neuter-Release learn more, read the Feral Cat Article (PDF).

Dead Animal Removal

Butte County Animal Control will remove dead animals from County roadways when it is safe to do so. You can also contact Cal-Trans for removal from state highways.


If you find dead wildlife on your property and it is not a bat, skunk, raccoon, or fox, you can:

  • Bury the animal
  • Double bag it and put it in the trash or
  • Put the carcass along the road, and call us for pickup. We must be able to drive up to the carcass.

If the animal is a bat, skunk, raccoon, or fox, Please call Butte County Animal Control. Staff will ask you questions regarding possible exposure to your dogs or cats. If there was contact, it may be necessary to test the dead animal for rabies. In these cases, we ask that you keep the carcass as cold as possible.

Dead Bird or Squirrel

If you find a dead bird, particularly a crow, jay, magpie, raven, sparrow, finch, raptor, or dead tree squirrel, please file an online report or call toll-free at 877-968-2473. Dead bird and tree squirrel reports are very important because they are usually the first indication that the virus is active in an area, and this allows the California Department of Public Health to monitor the virus throughout the year.

Domestic Animals

If you find dead dogs or cats in your yard Animal Control will remove the dead animal for you.

If the animal is yours, you can bury the animal in your yard or take it to a veterinary facility for disposal. Local animal shelters (PDF) may also take the animal for disposal. Livestock can be buried on your property as long as it is not near a waterway and is 150 away from any roadways. You may also call North State Animal rendering at 530-343-0660 or the Butte County Landfill at 530-345-4917, to see if they will take the animal remains.

Investigating Animal Issues

  1. An Animal Control officer will be assigned to respond to the complaint.
  2. If the complaint is found to have merit, the officer will take the next necessary steps to move the issue forward.
  3. Depending on the nature of the complaint, the officer may require signed statements from witnesses of the incident, pictures of the incident, veterinary bills, etc. The officer will keep you informed. It may be necessary for you to testify in court.
  4. If no information is verified, the animal cannot be located, or further information deems the complaint to be unfounded, the complaint is closed.

Check for Abandonment

  1. If an animal has been abandoned or is being kept in an unsafe or unsatisfactory condition, a notice to impound the animal within two business days is posted at the location by the officer. This two-day period is required by law.
  2. At the end of the two days, the officer returns, and if the situation is not corrected, the animal is impounded.
  3. If the animal is deemed to be in immediate danger, a hazard to others in the community, or needs to be quarantined, the officers have the discretion to impound the animal immediately without notice. A notice of impound will be left for the resident.

Animal Abuse

In California, it is illegal to:

  • Tether a dog to a stationary object for more than three hours within a 24-hour period.
  • Leave pets unattended for extended periods of time: in vehicles in extreme weather; or without food and water.
  • Maliciously and intentionally maim, mutilate, beat, torture, torment, wound, or kill an animal or overdrive, overload, or overwork animals.
  • Deprive animals of necessary sustenance, access to water, shelter, veterinarian care, and adequate exercise.
  • Poison animals belonging to another person.
  • Abandon an animal.
  • Fail to provide proper care for animals in pet shops.
  • Cruelly transport animals in a vehicle.
  • Participate in cockfighting or dog fighting.

Report Animal Abuse:

  • Butte County Animal Control, including Biggs, call 530-552-3888
  • If you live in the City of Oroville, call 530-533-7636
  • If you live in the City of Chico, call 530-897-4960
  • If you live in the City of Gridley, call 530-846-4825
  • If you live in the Town of Paradise, call 530-872-6275
  • Call 911 after hours
  • Submit a Citizen Complaint Form

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