Animal Emergencies & Preparedness

Consider the needs of your pets and have a plan in place for evacuation and/or power outages. Research possible locations for your pets to go in an emergency. Keep an updated list of neighbors or friends who might be able to care for your animals and a list of hotels that are animal-friendly. Consider having your pets microchipped to ensure that you will be reunited if separated in a disaster.

Domestic & Livestock Preparations

Everyone should prepare a disaster plan not only for their family but also for their pets and livestock. Consider and plan what you would do in the event of a fire, earthquake, flood, or other disaster. Plan a way for your animals to be transported from their home to safe places. You should have crates on hand for small pets and access to a trailer for livestock. Should there be a need to evacuate, if you can, always take your animals with you. To help make your plan, view the Animal Disaster Preparedness Brochure (PDF). Register (PDF) your livestock for free.

Horses and other large animals require special preparation and consideration. View the Disaster Preparedness for Horses Fact Sheet (PDF).

Animal Prep Fact Sheet Opens in new windowChecklist for Your Pets

  • Sturdy leash, collar with ID tag and carriers
  • Muzzles for dogs
  • Grooming supplies
  • Paper towels and wipes
  • Food, water and medicine for 1 week
  • Non-spill bows, can opener and plastic lid
  • Sanitation supplies including litter and box if applicable
  • Photos of your pet for reunification
  • Crate with bedding
  • Emergency contact phone numbers, including vet
  • License and vaccination records
  • Pet first aid kit and handbook
  • Water spray bottle in warmer climates
  • Other:
    • Portable fencing
    • Treats

Evacuation Resources

In the event of a disaster or emergency where evacuations are needed, Butte County Animal Control, in association with Butte County Public Health Department and the North Valley Animal Disaster Group, has organized a countywide animal disaster plan. Butte County Animal Control provides animal evacuation services, as well as large and small animal sheltering, for those families who are unable to return to their homes or are temporarily unable to provide for their animals in the midst of a disaster.

During a disaster or emergency, you can find up-to-date animal evacuation and sheltering information on the Butte County Public Health Department's Facebook and Twitter pages.