Animal Control

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Welcome to Animal Services

The mission of Butte County Animal Control (BCAC) is to protect, promote and enhance the health, safety and quality of life for the County's animals and citizens. We do this through education, community collaboration and the enforcement of animal-related laws and ordinances. BCAC is closed on weekends and holidays, however, you can leave a message after hours in the case of an emergency. Officers are on call to respond to emergency calls only from 8 am to 4 pm on these days.

Important message from Butte County Animal Control

Staffing shortages have impacted Butte County Animal Control (BCAC), which is currently operating at 28% of normal capacity. We are working hard to hire and train for these positions as quickly as possible. Once hired, it takes six months of training before BCAC officers can respond effectively on their own. We ask for your patience at this time, as calls and responses must be prioritized based on threat to animal and human health. Specifically, calls related to the removal of deceased wildlife from road shoulders may not be possible. If an animal is impeding traffic, we will coordinate with local area partners to ensure roadway safety. BCAC services the unincorporated areas in Butte County.

Dog Services

All dogs four months of age or older must be licensed in Butte County. Licensing is required by County Code and State Law. Licensing indicates your dog is vaccinated for rabies and it also helps Animal Control get the dog back to you should it get lost.

Visit the Dog Services page for more information.

Rabies & Wildlife

Learn the importance of rabies vaccination, locate veterinarians and access county codes relating to kennels and exotic animals.

Visit the Rabies and Wildlife page for more information.

Animal Laws & Permits

Do you live within city or county limits? Find out which Animal Control office to call. Learn about animal laws and resources for reporting animal issues.

Visit the Animal Laws and Permits page for more information.

Animal Emergencies & Preparedness

In the event of a disaster or emergency, Butte County Animal Control, Butte County Public Health Department and the North Valley Animal Disaster Group have established an animal disaster plan. Evacuation services and animal sheltering may be available for families who are unable to return to their homes or are temporarily unable to provide for their animals in the midst of a disaster.

Visit the Animal Emergencies and Preparedness page for more information.

Lost / Found Pets & Adoption

  • Reclaim Lost Animals
  • Report Missing Animals
  • Report Stray Animals
  • Adopting Animals From The Shelter

Visit the Adoption / Lost and Found page for more information.