Vegetation Management Program

Meet Battalion Chief Rob Buckhout, B2110

Currently the Butte Unit has two active VMP contracts. Each contract is good for three years. Ideal projects are greater than 500 acres in size. Each project requires a full environmental assessment that includes records check and sight survey for endangered plants and animals (Natural Diversity Database (NDDB), archaeological records search, sight survey and notification of local Native American Tribes, notification and review by various agencies including Water Quality, Department of Fish and Game, Public Works, Air Quality Management to list a few.  

In order for a burn to occur all listed elements must exist:

  • Landowner agrees to treatment and when the burn will be conducted.
  • CAL FIRE must have approval from unit and regional administrators to commit resources to the project.
  • Air Quality Management District must give approval.
  • Weather conditions and fuel moisture must be within the prescription as established in the burn plan.

Active VMP projects include the following:

Cave VMP

Phoenix VMP