Fleet Management

Firetruck with Forest in the Background

Our fleet is managed by our Forestry Equipment Manager, Craig Sanderson. We have a staff of five mechanics, with assistance from four Heavy Fire Equipment Operators.  Working in a combination of four different shops, they are responsible for servicing, maintenance and repair of more than 150 State, County, and Volunteer vehicles. We run a preventive maintenance program with the goal of avoiding unscheduled repairs and breakdowns.  

The Butte Unit’s mobile equipment includes fire engines, bulldozers, crew transport vehicles, administrative vehicles, trailers, forklifts, construction equipment, support units, All-Terrain vehicles, and more.

Ensuring our personnel have the very best emergency response and resource protection vehicles is the responsibility of the staff of the Mobile Equipment Facility.

Capability, safety and reliability are the essential requirements for all CAL FIRE equipment. We meet these requirements through effective preventative maintenance and repair programs.  Inspection, inventory management, and long-range planning assures that CAL FIRE staff will always have the right vehicles, and the best vehicles, to handle all of California's emergency and resource protection needs.