Checklists & Standards

Butte County is comprised of both State Responsibility Area (SRA) and Local Responsibility Area (LRA). Prior to construction you must first know if the respective address is within either SRA or LRA. Both areas have certain guidelines that need to be met by the Fire Marshal’s office State Responsibility Area Viewer.

SRA Properties

If you live in the SRA you must consider California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection 2020 SRA Fire Safe Regulations (PDF), Public Resources Code 4290, and Public Resources Code 4291.

Public Resources Code 4290

These regulations have been prepared and adopted for the purpose of establishing minimum wildfire protection standards in conjunction with building, construction and development in State Responsibility Areas (SRA). These regulations shall become effective September 1, 1991. The future design and construction of structures, subdivisions and developments in State Responsibility Area (SRA) shall provide for basic emergency access and perimeter wildfire protection measures as specified in PRC 4290. These measures shall provide for emergency access; signing and building numbering; and vegetation modification. The fire protection standards contained within PRC 4290 shall specify the minimums for such measures.

Public Resources Code 4291

To ensure continued maintenance of properties in conformance with the defensible space requirements outlines in PRC 4290 and to assure continued availability, access, and utilization of the defensible space provided during a wildfire, provisions for annual maintenance shall be included in the development plans and/or shall be provided as a condition of the permit, parcel or map approval. PRC 4291 is the law requiring annual defensible space be provided around all structures in, upon, or adjoining any mountainous area, forest-covered lands, brush-covered lands, grass-covered lands, or any land that is covered with flammable material.

LRA Properties

If you live in the LRA you must consider the Butte County Improvement Standards (PDF).

Checklists and documents are intended to assist both in the development and construction of projects as well as assist businesses in being proactive when it comes to fire and life safety.

Please note that while every attempt has been made to ensure these documents are complete and accurate as possible, they may not contain every requirement specific to your project or business. Any error or omission should not be considered as permission to violate any specific provision of the California Fire Code (CFC), California Building Code (CBC), Title 19 or any other legally enforceable regulation.