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Master Fee Schedule (Updated January 1, 2024)

Permit Center Forms

  1. DBP-01 Building Permit Application Form (PDF)
  2. DBP-02 Site Plan Submittal Requirements (PDF)
  3. DBP-03 Site Plan Paper (PDF)
  4. DBP-05 Expedited Plan Review Request (PDF)
  5. DBP-06 Plan Change Form (PDF)
  6. DBP-07 Affidavit Requesting Duplicate Plans (PDF)
  7. DBP-08 Fee Estimate Worksheet Residential (PDF)
  8. DBP-09 Foundation Only Permit Declaration (PDF)
  9. DBP-14 Scope of Work (PDF)
  10. DBP-16 Residential Generator Submittal Checklist (PDF)
  11. DBP-17 LPG Tank and Gas Pipe Questionnaire (PDF)
  12. DBP-18 Electric Service Questionnaire (PDF)
  13. DBP-20 Work Exempt From Building Permits (PDF)
  14. DBP-21 Check Permit Status Online (PDF)
  15. DBP-23 Residential Kitchen Remodels (PDF)
  16. DBP-24 Residential Bathroom Remodels (PDF)
  17. DBP-26 2022 Residential Standard Plan Notes (PDF)
  18. DBP-27 Residential Pool-Spas-Hot Tub Checklist (PDF)
  19. DBP-31 Residential New Dwellings-Additions-Alterations Submittal Checklist (PDF)
  20. DBP-32 Title 25 Residential New Dwelling Checklist (PDF)
  21. DBP-35 Greenhouse Permitting Requirements (PDF)
  22. DBP-36 Garage-Shop-Carport Submittal Checklist (PDF)
  23. DBP-37 Residential Garage Conversion Checklist (PDF)
  24. DBP-41 Owner Builders What You Should Know (PDF)
  25. DBP-43 Owner Builder Notice to Property Owner (PDF)
  26. DBP-47 Letter of Authorization - Corporation (PDF)
  27. DBP-51 Residential New Manufactured Home Checklist (PDF)
  28. DBP-52 Manufactured Home Support Data (PDF)
  29. DBP-54 Completing the 433A Process (PDF)
  30. DBP-58 Existing Mobile / Manufactured Home on Permanent Foundation (PDF)
  31. DBP-59 Mobile / Manufactured Home Check List (PDF)
  32. DBP-61 Limited Ag Submittal Checklist (PDF)
  33. DBP-62 Limited Ag Owner's Declaration (PDF)
  34. DBP-66 Pools Anti-Entrapment Certification Form (PDF)
  35. DBP-68 Windmill Permit Requirements (PDF)
  36. DBP-69 Solar Inspection Guidelines (PDF)
  37. DBP-70 Ground Mount Solar Systems (PDF)
  38. DBP-71 Residential Roof Mount Solar System (PDF)
  39. DBP-72 Job Site Requirements for Online Roof Mount Solar (PDF)
  40. DBP-73 Commercial Roof Mount Photovoltaic System (PDF)
  41. DBP-74 Solar Sample Roof Mount Layout (PDF)
  42. DBP-75 Solar Sample Electrical Diagram (PDF)
  43. DBP-76 Co-Locate Antenna (PDF)
  44. DBP-77 Signs Billboard and Pole (PDF)
  45. DBP-80 As-Built Structures Submittal Checklist (PDF)
  46. DBP-82 Move in House (PDF)
  47. DBP-83 Asbestos Notification Statement (PDF)
  48. DBP-89 Residential Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Submittal Checklist (PDF)
  49. DBP-90 Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Station Submittal Checklist (PDF)
  50. DBP-91 New Commercial Buildings and TI Submittal Checklist (PDF)
  51. DBP-101 Addressing (PDF)