Emergency Command Center

Meet John Gaddie, Battalion Chief, Emergency Command Center

The mission of the BTU Emergency Command Center (ECC) is to provide a consistent, accurate, timely, and coordinated command-and-control system. In providing support, direction, and communications, our ultimate goal is to give the best assistance possible to all who depend on our services. Learn more about ECC Operations on the Operations page including, Staff Depth, Readiness, Telephone System - 911 System, Radio Practices, Statistics, and Expanding ECC Operations. 

The Butte County Fire Department's Emergency Command Center (ECC) is the command-and-control point for all incidents requiring a fire/rescue response in Butte County including the Cities of Gridley, Biggs, and the Town of Paradise. The command center includes several important key components.


Clear policy and conventions regarding actions to be taken by command center personnel.

Staffed by Experienced Fire Officers

Experienced Fire Captains supervise the Command Center day-to-day operations. Current ECC Captains have an average of fifteen years of fire line experience. 

Clear Authority of Command

Fire Captain supervisors have authority and are expected to make critical decisions prior to the arrival of ground resources. The ECC is in command of all incidents until ground or air resources arrive at the scene.

Committed to Incident Support

Once ground or air resources arrive, the ECC transfers command of the incident to the first arriving company officer. The ECC then provides continuous support to the incident until its completion. Large or complex incidents are moved to a dedicated support function. This not only provides the needed attention and support to the major incident or incidents but allows for continued initial attack operation of other emergencies without distracting from the larger incident. 

Aggressive Response Philosophy

The Command Center practices a "worst case" response philosophy, meaning: if there is any question concerning the nature of circumstances of a 911 report, the ECC will send an assignment to meet the needs of the worst possible situation. This provides the public the best service possible.