Magalia Fire Center

The Magalia Fire Center started in 1949 as the Magalia Camp under the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) and the California Department of Corrections (CDC). CAL FIRE and CDC continued to jointly manage the camp until approximately 1973 when the CDC withdrew inmates from the camp. Around 1974, the camp again opened as the Butte Ecology Center this time jointly operated by CAL FIRE and the California Ecology Corps. The Ecology Corps existed until 1978 when the camp became Butte Fire Center under the joint direction of CAL FIRE and the California Conservation Corps (CCC). This remained the state of the camp until 2003 when the CCC withdrew. 

From 2003 until 2016 the Butte Fire Center (owned by CAL FIRE) was utilized as a North Region training facility for firefighters throughout California. In 2016 once again CAL FIRE and CCC rejoined operations as a fire crew facility. In 2021 the Butte Fire Center was renamed Magalia Fire Center to come into alignment with CAL FIRE naming conventions statewide.

CCC crew members go through a rigorous two-week CAL FIRE training program before being assigned to a Fire Crew.   As a CAL FIRE/CCC Type 1 fire crew they respond to wildland fires, search and rescue, floods, and many other types of incidents.  While not fighting fires the crews work on fire hazard reduction and other community projects. The Magalia Fire Center facilitates approximately 50 CCC Corps members and 17 CCC Staff.

CAL FIRE staff train and supervise the fire crews, provide forest practice operations, and operate a full auto repair shop, numbering approximately 16 personnel.