Zoning Administrator (ZA)


The Zoning Administrator serves as the hearing authority for project applications such as Minor Use Permits, Minor Variances, Parcel Maps, and other activities and functions. County Code provides that the Development Services Director, or designee, shall serve as the Zoning Administrator. The Zoning Administrator may approve or deny projects. Either decision is subject to an appeal to the Planning Commission. The Zoning Administrator may also refer projects to the Planning Commission in advance of or at the public hearing. The concept is that the Zoning Administrator considers minor and non-controversial public hearing items.


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Agendas may be viewed in PDF format by selecting a date below.  Follow the links within the agenda to view the staff reports

A list of all of the decisions of the Zoning Administrator using the search function in eTRAKiT by Zoning Decision Number (ZDN).  Click Here for eTRAKiT.

In the Search By fields, you will see “Project Number” in the first field, “Contains” in the second field.  The third field is blank - type “ZDN”, then click search.

You will see all of the ZDN (example ZDN19-0001).  If you prefer, you can click on the Project Number column to sort starting with the most current decision.

Click on any one of the rows to view the project.  A direct link to the Parent Project can be found in the lower portion of the screen.

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