Land Conservation Act Advisory Committee (LCA) (Williamson Act)


  • Public meetings are held quarterly
  • Normally held on Mondays


  • David Skinner, Farm Bureau Member At Large Designee, Chair
  • Louie Mendoza, Agricultural Commissioner
  • Blake Bailey, County Assessor Designee
  • Paula Daneluk, Development Services Director
  • Luis Espino, Rice Farming Systems Advisor Butte and Glenn Counties
  • Walt Stile, Farm Bureau Land Use Committee Designee
  • Myron Openshaw, Cattlemen's Association


The Butte County Land Conservation Act Advisory Committee is State mandated and was formed according to Government Code Section 51239 to advise the Board of Supervisors on the administration of the agricultural preserves in the county per Resolution Number 68-7, dated January 16, 1968. The Committee is composed of the Agricultural Commissioner or designee; Director-Development Services or designee; Assessor or designee; Farm, Home and 4H Advisor or designee; and a member nominated by the Butte County Farm Bureau (at-large). On May 7, 1985, by Resolution Number 85-63, membership was expanded to include a designee from the Butte County Farm Bureau Land Use Committee and a member designated from the Butte County Cattlemen's Association.

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