Telecommute Support

This page is a support consolidation of the component services required by a telecommuting staff member. These services are supported by different teams with specialized skills and experience. Information presented here should provide a home user basic assistance to connect up to County electronic services.

COVID-19 Update

In light of recent events surrounding coronavirus mitigation efforts, services identified here are in high demand. Users of these services should understand that each is a finite resource and that these services are used in environments outside the control of the County. The quality of service delivery may be diminished due to these environmental elements. Support staff will make reasonable efforts to address telecommuter needs and to provide the highest quality service possible.



Employees may access their County email from home by logging in to Webmail.

Skype for Business

Authorized employees may access Skype for Business from home. Please check with your Communications Counselor or Information Systems (IS) staff to request access.

Use the Skype for Business Setup Guide (PDF) for employees enabled for remote access.

Smartphone / Mobile Device

Authorized employees may access county email on their mobile device. Please check with your Communications Counselor or IS staff to request access.