Geographical Information Systems (GIS)


To deliver reliable geospatial data, applications, services, and support to assist County Departments in streamlining their daily business processes. To provide for the public, accessibility to a wide array of information about Butte County properties through online mapping applications, data sharing, and all other GIS related support.


A geographic information system (GIS) is a combination of hardware, people, procedures, software tools and data for the creation, display, management, and analysis of geographic information. GIS technology integrates common database operations with spatially referenced data and maps.

We provide GIS data and services for County personnel and the public. Check the Interactive Maps page for applications to use through your web browser. On our Static Maps page we also have maps in PDF format that you may view or download and use.

Butte County GIS is also an active participant in regional GIS groups with other agencies to coordinate and share information. Check our Links page to access other GIS related agency websites. With some information e.g., zoning or building permits it is best to contact the city jurisdiction where the property resides.

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