Human Resources


The mission of the Department of Human Resources is to provide County employees, members of the public, and County departments with strategic human resources services that are professional, timely, and reliable.


The Human Resources Department is responsible for providing human resource and payroll services to all County departments in a manner that ensures compliance with the requirements of the County merit system rules and state and federal employment, leave and tax laws.

The Department provides the following essential services:

  • Recruitment, testing and certification of new employees
  • Development and modification of employee compensation plans and job classification specifications
  • Administration of all required and negotiated employee leave programs
  • Oversight of countywide training program and instruction of the various trainings
  • Provide advice and consultation regarding the County Personnel Rules (PDF), including advice to supervisors regarding disciplinary actions
  • Administration of the County's Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Compliance and Assessment Plan (PDF)
  • Management of all confidential investigatory situations which arise
  • Management of the negotiation process, administration of Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with all recognized labor organizations and administration of the employee grievance process
  • Administration of negotiated employee benefit programs
  • Responsible for all aspects of payroll and benefits administration for the County and three third party agencies