Public Guardian

The Public Guardian acts as conservator for those County residents the Butte County Superior Court determines to be unable to properly provide for themselves or their finances. California Law provides for 2 types of conservatorships:

  • The first is a Probate Conservatorship of the person and/or estate for those found unable to provide for food, clothing and shelter because of physical disorder.
  • The second is a Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Conservatorship for those unable to provide food, clothing and shelter for themselves because of a mental disorder.

When there is a need for a conservator, the Public Guardian is the last resort and only becomes involved when there are no family members or others willing and/or able to become the conservator. When appointed the conservator, the Public Guardian becomes responsible for all of the activities of that person's life, including where he or she lives, how his or her money is spent, taking care of real/personal property. It also includes what activities that person may engage as well as medical decisions when needed.