Right to Farm Ordinance

The purpose and intent of the Right-to-Farm Ordinance (Butte County Code Chapter 35 - Protection of Agricultural Land) is to protect agricultural operations by limiting the circumstances under which a properly conducted agricultural operation may be considered a nuisance. This ordinance promotes a good-neighbor policy by requiring notification of owners, purchasers, residents, and users of property adjacent to or near agricultural operations of the inherent potential problems associated with being located near agricultural operations, including, noise, odors, fumes, dust, smoke, insects, operation of machinery during any time of day or night, storage and disposal of manure, and ground or aerial application of fertilizers, soil amendments, seeds, and pesticides. Through the disclosure requirements of the Right-to-Farm Ordinance, it is intended that residents will better understand the impacts of living or working near agricultural operations and be prepared to accept attendant conditions from properly conducted agricultural operations as a normal and necessary aspect of living in a county with a strong rural character and an active agricultural sector.

The Right-to-Farm Ordinance was amended on February 24, 2015, to apply to residential, commercial and industrial zones that may support agriculture as an interim use prior to development.

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