The AB1299 point of contact for Butte County can be reached by phone, at 530-879-3367 or by emailing AB1299.

Outpatient Centers

Age Range: 0 to 24

Youth Outpatient Centers provide assessment and treatment for behavioral and emotional needs of children and families. These services include mental health assessment, individual, group and family therapy, case management, and skill building. For our more intensive clients we offer Full Services Partnership (FSP) services. This could include a team approach to include in-home, school based, community and family supportive services.

Youth Intensive Programs

Age Range: 0 to 24

Youth Intensive Programs (YIP) is a full service partnership program, funded through the Mental Health Services Act, for youth and their families.  The services provided in the YIP Programs are integrated across agencies and programs to provide coordinated care to consumers through an easily accessible process.  This process enables wrap-around teams to address the unique needs of individual families and youth. The common goal of all Youth Intensive Programs is to provide specialized interventions and treatments.  These specialized interventions and treatments are designed to improve mental health and daily functioning for youth consumers and their families, and have been shown to decrease youth hospitalization, disruptive out-of-home placements, and involvement in the juvenile justice system.

Foster Care Support

The foster care team provides screening, assessment and treatment to all youth involved with the child welfare system. Clients received individualized based on their needs informed by the assessment and the Child Family Team (CFT.)

Foster Youth Continuum of Care: Behavioral Health has a close partnership with Department of Employment and Social Services (DESS) to ensure that all foster youth are provided specialty mental health services (SMHS) as mandated by the Continuum of Care Reform (CCR). The most vital function of this partnership is the sharing of information regarding foster youth who need to be referred for SMHS as well as foster youth who are currently enrolled in services. Behavioral Health’s commitment to serving all foster youth residing in Butte County is evidenced by the creation of a position dedicated to the oversight of compliance to the CCR guidelines. This oversight includes close tracking of referrals, timeliness to services, child and family team meeting attendance, and progress report completion as defined within the Pathways to Mental Health Services Core Practice Model.

For further information on the core practice model and medical manual visit the Katie A page.

Transition Age Youth

Age Range: 16 to 24

The Transition Age Youth Team (TAY) assesses and develops an individualized based treatment plan. The focus is to transition into adulthood and become self-sufficient. Services provided address 4 key areas based on the treatment plan:

  • Clinical services for mental health improvement and stabilization
  • Independent living skills including fiscal management, housing acquisition and maintenance, budgeting and health-related supports and services
  • Education and vocational training services including subject/career exploration, campus visits, training program identification, linking training to jobs
  • Employment services including career and job interest and skills assessment; employment readiness; job availability, resume building, acquisition, and retention
  • Socialization opportunities including peer group assessment, identification of fun and healthy activities, and development of social supports and friends

School-Based Counseling

Age Range: 5 to 21 (Kindergarten to 12th Grade)

Northern Valley Catholic Social Services, Victor Community Support Services, Youth for Change, and Counseling Solutions provide mental health services in school settings throughout Butte County at over 60 campuses, covering most school districts. Clinicians provide a variety of counseling models and techniques to eligible students and their families. Medication services are available as indicated.

Mental Health Student Services Act

The MHSSA (Mental Health Student Services Act) Grant is a four-year grant that provides the funds to assist schools and behavioral health systems in providing student mental health screening and increased access to mental health services on school campuses. The MHSSA project in Butte County will have multiple components which include: screening, wellness center models, suicide prevention and navigation services, and workforce training, including resources for burnout and compassion fatigue.  The primary goal is to assist with preventing mental illness from becoming severe and disabling by providing outreach to families, students and youth, school administrators and teachers, and others so they may recognize the early signs of potentially severe and disabling mental illnesses. Our MHSSA Project Partners include members from local schools and school districts, the Butte County Office of Education, North Valley Community Foundation, and County Behavioral Health Services. Our goal is to increase and expand safety net services for youth in our community.” 

Community Providers

Other behavioral health services are available upon referral to our partners.