Special Event Facilities Ordinance

On March 24, 2015, the Butte County Board of Supervisors adopted Section 24-175.1 of the Zoning Ordinance establishing a permit process and standards to allow special event facilities in the Agriculture (AG), Timber Mountain (TM), Rural Residential (RR), Foothill Residential (FR), and Very Low-Density Residential (VLDR) zones. A special event is defined as a celebration, ceremony, wedding, reception, corporate function, or similar activity for the benefit of someone other than the property owner that takes place on a periodic basis, involving the gathering of individuals assembled for the common purpose of attending a special event. A special event facility is a facility where special events are permitted to occur subject to a use agreement between a private group or individual and the facility owner, and subject to a minor use permit approved in compliance with the Special Events Facilities Ordinance. All special event facilities in the specified zones above require the approval of a minor use permit.

In adopting the Special Event Facilities Ordinance, Butte County recognized that existing facilities would need to apply for, and receive approval for, a minor use permit. In response, the following permitting resources and assistance has been made available to Special Even Facility operators to meet the requirements of the Special Event Facilities Ordinance:

  1. Information and assistance are available on the application process for a minor use permit for a special events facility.
  2. Butte County has established an Economic Development Assistance Committee (EDAC) to assist new and existing businesses with plans to develop new businesses or to expand or retain their existing operations in Butte County, with all County departments at one time. EDAC services are provided at no charge.
  3. Butte County has a Business Development Assistance Fund to assist business owners with application fees associated with the County's discretionary permit process, including minor use permits. The fund offers no-interest loans in the form of non-revolving lines of credit for eligible fees.

Butte County also maintains a List of Permitted Special Event Facilities to assist the public in determining which facilities meet County requirements.

For additional information or assistance, please contact Senior Planner Rowland Hickel.