Child Care

CalWORKs Child Care Program

Stable, quality child care is essential to the success of each CalWORKs participant. The CalWORKs Child Care Program provides that child care and helps families transition smoothly from the immediate, short-term child care needed as the parents begin work or work activities to the stable, long-term child care necessary for the family to leave and remain off aid.

Who Qualifies

A family could be eligible for child care benefits if:

  • They live in Butte County
  • They receive CalWORKs assistance
  • The parents are participating in:
    • Cal-Learn (Parenting teens)
    • An approved Welfare-to-Work activity
    • Employment
  • They have transitioned off assistance, but need child care to retain employment
  • They are eligible for, but are declining, a cash aid payment and needing child care

There are other requirements that must be met. Child care providers must meet certain conditions or requirements in order to receive payment for their services. Participants will be asked to verify employment, child care costs, and hours and dates of employment or education/training activity. There are age limits for children to receive child care.

How to Get Help

Those needing child care who have already applied for, or are receiving CalWORKs case assistance, should discuss child care with their Case Manager. Anyone not receiving CalWORKs assistance may obtain child care information by contacting the local resource and referral agency, Valley Oak Children's Services, at 530-895-3572 or 800-345-8627.