Warning: Phone / Text Scam Targeting EBT Cardholders

Some EBT cardholders are receiving an automated call or text asking them to provide personal information, including their 16-digit card number and PIN. EBT cardholders should never share their card number or PIN.

Options for Services

Your safety and the safety of our staff are important to us. Most of your needs can be met online or by phone. We appreciate your help to keep us all safe. You do not have to come into our office to apply for benefits. You can turn in your verifications online or in the drop boxes located in the front of our buildings. To apply for benefits you may submit an application:

To get general benefit information, ask case questions, or speak to an Eligibility Specialist, you may call our Customer Service Center (CSC) at 877-410-8803. You may also use this number to:

  • Request forms
  • Request a new BIC or EBT card
  • Get benefit information or a status update on your case
  • Request an application for benefits
  • Add someone to your case
  • Change your address
  • Help with your BenefitsCal account
  • Change your IVR PIN number

If you have a BenefitsCal account, you can upload documents, verifications requested by your worker, complete your SAR7, etc. For help setting up a BenefitsCal account, you can call the CSC at 877-410-8803. If you would like to drop something off, you can use your drop boxes located in the front of our buildings. Documents dropped here are picked up and delivered to your worker within 24 hours.

Thank you for your cooperation.