North Chico Specific Plan

North Chico Specific Plan Area

The North Chico Village Plan was reviewed by the Butte County Board of Supervisors on May 25, 2021

The direction was provided to staff to provide the full cost of the project to see if it impacts the roundabout being installed at Eaton Road, and further determine road widths serving the plan and where they will be located. The Board requested that low-density housing be placed near other neighborhoods, and to determine whether a trail system will be implemented for walking along the levees. This direction is expected to take place in future steps involved in the adoption process, including the completion of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), and Specific Plan Amendment. These steps may be undertaken by the City of Chico in conjunction with plan annexation

View the current North Chico Village Vision Plan (PDF)


The North Chico Village site is located north of the City of Chico, west of the Chico Municipal Airport, and east of State Route 99. The site is located south of Mud Creek and north of Sycamore Creek, with Hicks Lane forming the area's eastern boundary. Portions of the site are within the 100-year Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood zone of Mud Creek, as well as the 200-year flood plain. The mixed-use North Chico Village, known as the heart of the NCSP, is a 484-acre portion of the larger 2,980-acre NCSP adopted by Butte County. The site is relatively flat and extensively planted with orchards, with the exception of approximately 90 acres located in the southern half of the site.

Current zoning would support approximately 2,000 dwelling units, the area has been identified for urban development by both the City and County's General Plans since 1995 but has yet to be developed due to a lack of infrastructure and financing. This area is served by State Route 99, Eaton Road, and Hicks Lane. Two primary intersections on State Route 99 currently serve the area: Garner Lane and Eaton Road with a planned intersection at the extension of Kittyhawk Drive providing a third connection. Adjacent land uses include single-family residential to the west and north, and generally undeveloped industrial / open space designated land to the east.

The planning effort includes coordination with the City of Chico, area property owners, and a "re-visioning" of the North Chico Village with an emphasis on increased residential development and density. The intent of this planning effort is to meet current and future needs in the areas of housing, sustainability, quality of life, and economic development. The plan will update existing constraints, provide for a mix of housing types, including multi-family and low-income, recommend internal and external circulation routes working in coordination with the City's Infrastructure Plan, and include a mix of commercial uses that will help reduce VMT and provide jobs.

What Is a Specific Plan?

A specific plan includes text and diagrams which specify all of the following in detail:

  1. The distribution, location, and extent of the uses of land, including open space, within the area covered by the plan.
  2. The proposed distribution, location, and extent and intensity of major components of public and private transportation, sewage, water, drainage, solid waste disposal, energy, and other essential facilities proposed to be located within the area covered by the plan and needed to support the land uses described in the plan.
  3. Standards and criteria by which development will proceed, and standards for the conservation, development, and utilization of natural resources, where applicable.
  4. A program of implementation measures including regulations, programs, public works projects, and financing measures necessary to carry out paragraphs (1), (2), and (3).

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YearDate / TimeframeReport / Workshop
2021January / February
Request for proposal for the Environmental Impact Report
April 22
Planning Commission Workshop
Board of Supervisors Workshop
Kick-off for the Environmental Impact Report
2022Summer / Fall
Completion of the Environmental Impact Report