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Loan Repayment Round 3

The Superior Regional Partnership through the Mental Health Services Act Workforce Education and Training (WET) program has developed a Loan Repayment Program (LRP) opportunity. Your county, in collaboration with other counties in the region, has partnered with the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) to make this funding available to the county Public Mental Health System workforce. It will award funds to qualified providers or support staff within the Region’s Behavioral Health care provider networks that commit to a 12-month service obligation in a recognized hard-to-fill or hard-to-retain position.

Through this program, the Regional Partnership seeks to support its qualified providers that service the most underserved populations within the county and work in the most hard- to-retain positions.  

For round 3 applicants who have received awards in the past are eligible to apply. If awarded, service commitments for these applicants will be extended or a new service commitment would be started. 

Applications are open now and must be received by 2/9/24.

Loan Repayment Program Guide

Loan Repayment Application

Peer Scholarship Opportunity

Butte County Behavioral Health along with the other counties in the Superior Regional Partnership, CalMHSA and HCAI have developed a Peer Support Scholarship opportunity. This opportunity would award Peer Support Scholarships up to $1000 for continuing education and/or certification in exchange for service obligations in the Public Mental Health System. Follow the links for the program guide and the application. Applications are open from 6/27/23-12/31/23 and will be evaluated on a monthly basis. 

Peer Program Scholarship Guide

Peer Scholarship Application

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