Compliance Office

The Butte County Department of Behavioral Health (BCDBH) has a comprehensive, values-based Ethics and Compliance Program that is a vital part of the way we conduct ourselves in both business and clinical practice. Because the program’s foundation rests on our Mission and Values, it is easily incorporated into our daily activities, and supports our system of caring for our clients, our communities, and our partners.

We strive to deliver healthcare compassionately and to act with absolute integrity in the way we do our work and the way we live our lives. This Code of Ethics, which reflects our system of caring, provides guidance to ensure our work is done in an ethical and legal manner. It emphasizes the shared common values and culture, which guide our actions. It also contains resources to help resolve any questions about appropriate conduct in the workplace. Please review it thoroughly. Your adherence to its spirit, as well as its specific provisions, is absolutely critical to our future.

If you have questions regarding this Code or encounter any situation which you believe violates provisions of this Code, you should immediately consult your supervisor, another member of management at your facility, a BCDBH Personnel Manager, the BCDBH Compliance Officer, or call the BCDBH Compliance Hotline at 866-637-4809. If you would like to submit your concern anonymously you can do so by writing to: Butte County Behavioral Health, 3217 Cohasset Rd. Chico, CA 95973. ATTN: Compliance Officer.   

There will be no retribution for asking questions or raising concerns about the Code, or for reporting possible improper conduct. No Code of Ethics, however, can substitute for each person’s own internal sense of fairness, honesty, and integrity. In your daily life and work, if you encounter a situation, or are considering a course of action that does not feel right, please discuss the situation with any of the resources mentioned above.

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 42 - section 438.608 (PDF) stipulates that the Butte County Department of Behavioral Health (BCDBH) will have a comprehensive Compliance Program in place that guards against (financial) fraud and abuse. The Department recognizes that the basic elements outlined in 42 CFR constitute sound ethical business practice. We are committed to not only adhering to the letter of the law, but to operating within its spirit. The first major step in developing our Compliance Program was the creation of the booklet Our System of Caring (PDF). This important document, that includes our Code of Ethics, is an integral component to our organizational operations. In addition to Our System of Caring booklet (PDF), BCDBH Policy & Procedure #145 (PDF) describes in detail the activities and components that comprise our Compliance Program as a whole. We continue to revise and improve the program through meetings of the Compliance Committee chaired by the BCDBH Compliance Officer.