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Support, Engagement, Advocacy, Recovery, Community & Housing

Age Range: 18 and over

Support, Engagement, Advocacy, Recovery, Community & Housing (SEARCH) is a full service partnership program which provides intensive services to those who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness due to a severe and persistent mental illness. In addition to receiving mental health services, individuals are linked to the Housing Authority of Butte County, Department of Rehabilitation (DOR), Veterans Services, Legal Aid, Social Security Administration, and other needed community services. Utilizing the Recovery Model philosophy, mental health services include psychiatric support, case management, medication management, employment services and referral, educational support, housing support, representative payee assistance, benefits counseling as well as medical and legal services referral. Services are tailored to meet each individual’s recovery needs.

North County SEARCH Team
560 Cohasset Road
Suite 140 
Chico, CA 95926
Phone: 530-891-2784

South County SEARCH Team
18 County Center Drive
Oroville, CA 95965
Phone: 530-538-7705

SEARCH Brochure (PDF)

Youth Intensive Programs

Age Range: 0 to 24

Youth Intensive Programs (YIP) are for youth and their families.  The services provided in the YIP Programs are integrated across agencies and programs to provide coordinated care to consumers through an easily accessible process.  This process enables wrap-around teams to address the unique needs of individual families and youth. The common goal of all Youth Intensive Programs is to provide specialized interventions and treatments.  These specialized interventions and treatments are designed to improve mental health and daily functioning for youth consumers and their families, and have been shown to decrease youth hospitalization, disruptive out-of-home placements, and involvement in the juvenile justice system.

YIP Brochure (PDF)

Staff Resources

For questions related to staff resources, please email Mental Health Services Act Support.