Grant Projects

SB 2 Grant Information

Butte County, Development Services, Planning Division has successfully applied for SB 2 Planning Grants with the California Department of Housing and Community, Planning Grants Program (PGP) for funding to pursue multiple housing program objectives within the SB 2 Planning grant Priority Policy Areas (PPAs).

Grant-Funding Projects

ObjectiveEstimated CostBegin DateEnd DateDeliverable
North Chico Specific Plan Village Core$100,000March 16, 2020March 30, 2021Specific Plan
Oroville Area Master Municipal Service Review$100,000March 16, 2020March 15, 2021Master Municipal Service Review
Updated Climate Action Plan and Greenhouse Gas Inventory$100,000February 17, 2020December 31, 2020Climate Action Plan

SB 2 Grant Funding for Contracted Services

Contracts with Butte County (hereinafter referred to as "County") funded by an SB 2 Planning Grant with the California Department of Housing and Community Development (hereinafter referred to as "Department") underneath the Planning Grants Program (PGP) provisions of SB 2 (Chapter 364, Statutes of 2017), are required to comply with grant requirements.

SB 2 Grant Funding Compliance Required for Grant-Funded Contracts

County is subject to the terms and conditions as specified in the Standard Agreement for grant funding with the "Department", the SB 2 Planning Grants Program Guidelines, and any applicable PGP guidelines published by the "Department". A Grantee (County) that receives funds under this Program (the program developed to implement the first year of the Fund pursuant to Health and Safety Code section 50470(b)(1)(A)) may use a subcontractor (Contractor). The subcontract shall provide for compliance with all the requirements of the Program for the Contractor and any subcontractors utilized by the Contractor.

Contractor and Contractor's subcontractor(s) shall comply with all the requirements of the Program in the following documents which are hereby specifically referenced as follows:

Exhibit B - Sample Standard Agreement with the Department of Housing and Community Development (PDF)

Exhibit C - Senate Bill 2 Planning Grants Program Year 1 Guidelines (PDF)

Exhibit D - Planning Grants Program (SB 2, 2017) 2019 Notice of Funding Availability (PDF)

Oroville Urban Greening Plan Grant

In collaboration with the City of Oroville (City), Feather River Recreation and Park District (FRRPD) and in coordination with other local agencies, Butte County is completing a Master Greening Plan to serve as the master document guiding and coordinating greening projects in the Oroville urban area. The Plan will cross City, County and FRRPD jurisdictional boundaries, and will be consistent with the state's strategic growth goals of an increasing forest canopy, reducing stormwater runoff, improving air and water quality, conserving energy, providing open space, and achieving long-term community sustainability. If you have any questions, please email Planning Division Manager, Dan or by phone at 530-552-3682.

View the Oroville Urban Greening Plan Grant page for more information.

PowerButte Renewable Energy Overlay (Solar Zone) Grant

Through the PowerButte Solar Zone Project, Butte County seeks to create a process for streamlining solar energy projects on appropriate sites while protecting the County's valuable farmland and natural resources and maintaining and improving Butte County's environment and quality of life. Technical work currently underway will identify optimum sites for medium and large-scale solar energy facilities, critical components of a diversified and flexible modern energy system. This effort will also help the County and the State meet ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets and green energy production goals. If you have any questions, please contact Planning Division Manager Dan Breedon via email or by phone at (530) 552- 3682.

View the PowerButte Renewable Energy Overlay (Solar Zone) Grant page for more information.

Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Grant

What practices are present at the "Model California Farm"? This project will help to specifically define these 'best practices. - This task will involve the development of the best management practices in sustainability for major farming types, including cropland, range, and grazing land. Experts will be questioned from various fields and agencies, including UC Davis Farm Extension, UC Davis Rice Experimentation Station, Chico State University, Butte College, Butte County Agriculture Commissioner's Office, California Air Resources Board, Natural Resource Conservation Service and other regional County Jurisdictions. Strategies may include but not be limited to crop rotation, cover crops, soil enrichment, pest management, energy use and water use. Ongoing monitoring of the Butte County Climate Action Plan currently underway will also assist in data collection to document on‐farm agricultural management practices targeted to reduce GHG emissions and enhance biological carbon sequestration. The Model Sustainable Farm Practices will be reviewed by the Stakeholder Committee, and Planning Commission and ultimately, hopefully, approved by the Butte County Board of Supervisors.

View the Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Grant page for more information.