Community Choice Aggregation

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Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) is a program that allows cities, counties and other qualifying governmental entities to purchase and/or generate electricity for their residents and businesses. Butte County is currently researching whether a local CCA could work well for our community. There are currently 18 operating CCAs in California and a number of others in various stages of approval or consideration.

How it Works

If a local CCA is formed, it would purchase and/or generate electricity for customers and PG&E would continue to deliver the electricity through its transmission and distribution system and provide meter reading, billing, and maintenance services for CCA customers. The transition from PG&E to a CCA is seamless, and day-to-day, most customers will not notice any changes other than a CCA line item on their utility bill that replaces the PG&E electricity generation charges.

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CCA Fact Sheet (PDF)

Feasibility Study (PDF)

What's Next

The feasibility study was finalized at the July 24, 2018 Board of Supervisors Meeting. Moving forward, Butte County is following up with local governments to continue CCA conversations and determine the next steps. The Chico City Council will consider the matter at their August 7 Council Meeting.

Butte County Board of Supervisors Staff Reports

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