Employment & Social Services

The Department of Employment and Social Services (DESS) is committed to collaborating with our many partners to provide a safe, healthy and self-reliant community. At DESS we aim to administer employment and social services to all citizens of Butte County with dignity and respect. 

Our Mission

"We administer employment and social services, preserving the dignity of children, families and adults."

Our Vision

"Partnering for a safe, healthy, and self-reliant community."

Benefits & Services  

  1. Calfresh

CalFresh (formerly Food Stamps) helps low-income people buy the food they need to remain healthy. To qualify for CalFresh the minimum basic requirement(s) are:

  • Identity of Primary Applicant
  • Gross non-exempt income
  • Non-citizenship Status
  • Social Security Number(s)
  • Residency
  1. Medical coverage
  1. California Work opportunity & responsibility to kids (calworks)
  1. general assistance (ga)
  1. Senior & Adult Services
  1. Children's Services
  1. veteran services

Special Needs Awareness Program (SNAP)

Do you need assistance evacuating during an emergency? As part of Butte County's Emergency Evacuation Plan, the Department of Employment and Social Services works collaboratively with multiple agencies to ensure that those in need of evacuation assistance during an emergency are identified and evacuated safely and efficiently. Click here for more information.

ALERT FM Emergency Notification System

Butte County is partnering with Bare on the Ridge, Inc. and ALERT FM to provide ALERT FM devices to individuals that meet program eligibility guidelines and you may be eligible to receive a free ALERT FM receiver if you meet that criteria.

ALERT FM is a device that receives mass notifications in times of crisis or emergency. This device keeps citizens informed when the power, internet and/or cellular networks fail. Free devices are available on a first come, first-served basis for eligible households. Once supplies have been exhausted you may request to be added to a waitlist.

To register for the program please complete the ALERT FM Application (PDF) and submit or call 530-552-6887. Visit the ALERT FM website to learn more.