Investigations Bureau

The Investigations Bureau is made up of 3 different division

  • Major Crimes Division (MCD)
  • Child Protection Division (CPD)
  • Fraud Prevention Division (FPD)

Investigators in all divisions are regularly called upon by local agencies to assist in critical incidents, major criminal events and local disasters. Investigators are essential members and lead investigators of Butte County's Officer Involved Shooting/ Critical Incident Protocol Team.

  1. MCD
  2. CPD
  3. FPD

The Major Crimes Division conducts in-depth investigations ranging from burglary to homicide. Investigators work directly with Deputy District Attorneys to ensure a case referred from an allied agency is fully investigated and properly prepared for trial. MCD investigators work closely with local agencies and provide investigative assistance whenever a request is made.

Environmental Crimes are investigated with the assistance of scientists and field experts to mitigate environmental hazards from further impacting our community. Butte County District Attorney Investigators were critically involved in both the Camp and Dixie fires, leading to major Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) reforms and justice for the victims.