Our staff is available to make presentations on child support issues. We recognize that many parties play a role in helping to provide financial and other support for children and parents. By sharing information we can effectively locate parents, establish paternity, obtain court orders for support and health insurance coverage, enforce the orders, and collect and distribute child support payments. Some of our services and activities include:

  • Presentations at schools and to youth groups to educate young people on the responsibilities and realities of parenthood.
  • Presentations to employers on concerns and questions on our services to create a better working relationship.
  • Presentations to court personnel and other county agencies on our services and how we might coordinate efforts.
  • Presentations to hospitals and clinics, in conjunction with the State's Paternity Opportunity Program on completing paternity declarations.
  • Providing information to the community at public events such as the Silver Dollar Fair and the Butte County Fair.
  • Providing customers with referrals to other agencies and organizations for matters with which we might not be able to assist directly.
  • Provide customers with necessary information regarding new programs
  • Provide information to employers.

Representatives from our office are not concerned with the immigration status or the criminal history of anyone in attendance at any of our outreach presentations.

We are aware that issues arise, such as custody/visitation, employment, legal assistance and the like, with which our office is not able to assist. For such matters, we strive to provide referrals to agencies that are better able to assist those customers.

If you would like more information about our outreach services or if you would like to schedule a speaker, please contact our Outreach unit at 866-901-3212.