Legal Issues

How the Department of Child Support Services Handles Confidential Information

By law (Family Code Section 17212), the records kept by our office are strictly confidential and may not be seen without a court order. However, you are entitled to see:

  • Any document you provided to the Department of Child Support Services
  • Your payment history
  • Any record legally defined as a public record

It is important to understand that the Department of Child Support Services does not represent either party or the child(ren) in a child support case.

We Cannot

  • Assist with visitation and custody issues
  • Obtain divorce decrees or represent either party in a divorce action
  • Establish or modify spousal support orders
  • Obtain or enforce restraining orders

Rather, our staff attorneys review cases to determine what legal action is necessary to establish and enforce a child support order.

Seeking Legal Assistance

If you need assistance in completing legal forms, you should contact the Butte County Family Law Facilitator or a private attorney. Visit the California Courts Online Self-Help Center.