2017 CE Accomplishments

Admin / Fiscal / Information System

Process Improvements

  • 2 million Building Permit, Code Enforcement and Planning Project history files scanned and connected to our Permit / Project system (TRAKiT) for quick access
  • Advanced GIS integration with TRAKiT to allow better parcel integration to respond to property inquiries, fee estimates, permit and project applications
  • Finalized and implemented a comprehensive new User Fee schedule with more "flat fees" to simplify our permit processes
  • Implemented a new customer sign-in procedure / software to more efficiently route customers

New Tools

  • Launched a new parcel lookup tool to assist the public with land use / property inquiries
  • Launched App (BC Connect in the App Store) for the public to submit land use violations online or using GPS information
  • Modified internal reporting to expedite cash and credit card receipts separate and maintained it as an automated process

Building Division

Permits Processed

Process Improvements

  • Pilot project for electronic Building Permit Plans to be submitted online, eliminating the need to travel to County offices by applicants
  • Implemented new Building Plan Check and Inspection services for the City of Gridley. Continued Building Permit services for the City of Biggs.
  • Continued use of outside plan check services to keep Plan Check turnaround times to 3 weeks or less
  • Training Accomplishments for 2017 (PDF)


  • Worked in the Emergency Operations Center for 4 separate fire events and Oroville Spillway Incident evacuation
  • Fire Assistance Center - Staffed public assistance center to help victims of fires
  • Disaster Recovery Operations Center - Participated in 51 multi departmental meetings for 3 different fire events, assisting in assessment, clean-up and re-build process

Code Enforcement Division

  • Total cases opened - 1616
  • Total cases closed - 1456
  • CLETS training for all Officers
  • CALBO training
  • Dailey officer assignments to cases submitted through an online system
  • Marijuana - total 494 cases opened, 447 closed
  • 47 successful Administrative Hearings held
  • Obtained 18 property liens and special assessments and settled 21 cases
  • Completed and utilized the new inspection priority list
  • Abandoned Vehicle Abatement (AVA) - 391 total abandoned vehicles towed / removed

Planning Division

  • Completed Projects (PDF) - 132 projects completed
  • Williamson Act Program - Completed 12 Williamson Act Advisory Committee Reviews, 8 Board of Supervisor Reviews; Organized, scanned and stored all paper Williamson Act contract records

Completed Advance Planning Projects

  • Sustainable Agricultural Conservation. Completed a $100,000 grant-funded project entirely in-house, on time, and within budget. Created and published a dedicated SALC website with 14 informational brochures and an interactive, online SALC mapper tool
  • Update of the Butte County Airport Compatibility Plan
  • 2017 amendments to the General Plan and Zoning:
    • General Plan Amendment and Rezone from MHDR (Medium High-Density Residential) to GC (General Commercial to recognize an existing restaurant business located on a 4,800 (+ / -) square foot lot in Durham
    • General Plan Amendment and Rezone from GC (General Commercial to RR (Rural Residential on a 2-acre parcel in Magalia
    • 2017 Text Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance
  • Board adopted a Resolution approving the Butte Utility Scale Solar Guide and Utility-Scale Solar Mapping Tool. The proposed Guide and related Mapping Tool was the culmination of a multi-year grant-funded process through the Sustainable Communities Planning Grant and Incentives Program, administered by the California Department of Conservation.

Ongoing Advanced Planning Projects

  • Butte Creek Canyon Overlay - Held 2 Public Workshops and 1 public hearing with the Planning Commission
  • General Plan 2030 - Held 2 workshops, one before the Planning Commission and one before the Board of Supervisors on the overhaul of the GP 2030 Action Plan. In addition, the Department reviewed important legislative changes to the General Plan Law and the new General Plan Guidelines with the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.
  • Contracted with a CivicSpark Fellow to address sustainability updates to the General Plan in accordance with SB 379

Hearings & Workshops

  • Planning Commission meetings - 12
  • Zoning Administrator - 15
  • Land Conservation Act Advisory Committee - 4
  • Airport Land Use Commission - 5
  • Planning Commission workshops - 8