Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable is responsible for processing of claims submitted by County departments and special districts as well as all County disbursements. The unit audits and processes all legal and valid claims; monitors activity of County issued credit cards and ensures program compliance with periodic reviews of department records; and reconciles and prepares mandated reports related to its activities.

Accounting Section

The Accounting Section is responsible for recording all receipts and disbursements of County monies and maintaining budgetary control of various funds and departments. The section reviews all revenue and expenditure contracts for fiscal appropriateness and prepares all required reports. In addition, this section also develops and administers the Countywide cost plan.

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Section assists the county departments in assessing risks, evaluating the internal control system to ensure the efficiency, reliability and integrity of information in compliance with laws and regulations. The section performs operational, management, performance and departmental audits as directed by the Auditor-Controller and provides financial consulting services to the county departments and special districts.

Property Tax

The Property Tax Section performs mandated property tax functions, including tax rate computations, tax bill preparation, control, and reconciliation of tax charges, tax roll corrections and special report generation. The section is responsible for distributing the tax proceeds to all government agencies, cities, schools, special districts and the County. In addition, the section provides property tax information and assistance to state, local, and county representatives and to the general public.