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  • Check the status of your building permit by selecting Search under the Permit Center tab

Building Design Criteria

  • Building Codes and Loads for your project

Building Codes

  • View the California building codes currently in effect
  • The 2022 California Building Codes can also be downloaded for free

Butte County Flood Ordinance (PDF)

  • Development within a flood hazard zone must comply with Butte County's Flood Hazard Prevention Ordinance. Click here for a complete copy of the flood ordinance

Parcel Lookup Tool

  • Find specific information on a particular parcel
    • Is my parcel in a Flood Zone?
    • Is my parcel in a High Fire Danger Area?
    • Is my parcel in the City or County?
    • Which member of the Board of Supervisors represents me?
    • What is my Assessor's Parcel Number (APN)?
    • What is my Zoning?
    • Is my parcel in the Deer Range?