Camp Fire Information

Campfire Re-Build - Find helpful information for re-building, the current number of fire re-build permits processed by the County and information regarding our Fee Incentive Program.

View the Camp Fire Re-Build page.

Rebuild Paradise Foundation Resources

Residential Floor Plan Library - Access to reduced-cost house plans for use in the Camp Fire footprint, with certain plans pre-approved by Butte County. 

Missing Middle Grant - Reimbursement of up to $5,000 for pre-construction costs, including: permit fees, parcel survey, architecture/engineering fees, and water related expenses.

Septic Infrastructure Grant - Reimbursement of up to $7,500 for low-income households, and up to $3,500 for middle income households for septic related work including: permit fees, inspection, repair, and replacement.

Access to Homeowners Insurance information and basic resources,  as well as information about Fire Safety mitigation and safety alerts

General Information

Butte County Health Officer Issues Hazard Advisory Warning Against Habitation of Destroyed Property.

Information From the Department of Development Services

Frequently Asked Questions from the Department of Development Services on recovery and rebuilding.

Online Building Permit Document Search Tool

Follow this link to search for and access copies of building permit documents for the unincorporated area of Butte County. View the Building Permit Online Search Instructions (PDF) for instructions on using the online search tool.

Access information about Fire Resilient Homes.

Camp Fire Facts

Parcel Size (Acres)Count (Unincorporated, with Qualifying Structure, Within Camp Fire Perimeter)
January 1, 1999329
10 >507
Total Parcels4309

Camp Fire Disaster Recovery Ordinance

Chapter 53 Camp Fire Disaster Recovery Ordinance Summary Table

Governor's Executive Orders Related to the Camp Fire

Butte County Recovers

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