Business Property Statement (E-File)

Annual Business Property Statements can now be prepared and submitted electronically to the Butte County Assessor. To proceed with e-filing beyond this point, you must have a unique Business Identification Number (BIN) from the Assessor's Office. To obtain your BIN call: 530-552-3810 with your Assessment Number. A BIN will be sent to you by mail. The BIN is considered an electronic signature Use of the BIN is considered an authorization to electronically file the statement.

In the e-filing process, you will be guided through the electronic Form 571-L with help screens available. You will be able to leave and return to your e-file statement for completion and correction until submitted to the Assessor. Any need to amend an already submitted statement for the current year will require a new BIN.

Proceed to Statement E-Filing.

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