Lower My Value

Much of the Butte County real estate market experienced a decline in value in recent years. Property values are now increasing in many areas. Property owners can find their assessed value using the Assessed Value Look-up Tool.

Decline in Value

If you feel that your property value warrants review due to a decline in market value, you may file an Application for Appraisal Review (PDF) with the Butte County Assessor's Office. Visit the Decline in Value page to learn more about decline in market value and steps you may take to lower your value.

Property Damage (Calamity)

Owners, who suffer damage to their property as the result of a calamity or disaster (such as accident, fire, earthquake, or flood) may be eligible for certain, limited forms of property tax relief under Revenue and Taxation Code Section 170 (R&T 170). Learn more about tax relief for damaged or destroyed property on the Property Damage page.

Transfer Between Family Members

Typically, transfers of real property are considered changes in ownership that require a reassessment to current market value. In some transfers between family members, however, statutory exclusions may apply. Learn more about transfers between family members.

Transfer of Base Year Value to Replacement Dwelling

Persons aged 55 and older or severely disabled persons of any age may transfer the Proposition 13 factored base year value of their principal residence to a residence acquired or built as its replacement under certain conditions. Learn more about transfers of base year value to replacement dwelling.