Economic Development Assistance Committee (EDAC)

An Economic Development Assistance Committee (EDAC) has been created for new and existing businesses to discuss plans to develop new business, or to expand or retain their existing operations in Butte County, with all County departments at one time. Discussions often include preliminary information on a potential site's suitability, determine whether existing zoning would permit the use on the proposed site, and clarify the requirements/improvements which would be necessary in order to start or expand a business.

For additional details on how prospective and current businesses are scheduled for these discussions and meetings, please contact:
Mark Michelena
Senior Planner
Phone: 530-552-3683
Email Mark Michelena

The following departments and their representatives are regularly involved in EDAC meetings:

  • Administration - Economic and Community Development - Katie Simmons
  • Development Services - Building Division Manager - Curtis Johnson
  • Development Services - Planning Division Manager - Dan Breedon
  • Public Works - Engineer Assistant - Feraidon Ataie
  • Program Manager Public Health - Nikolay Ostrovskiy
  • Deputy Fire Marshal Butte County Fire - Chris Boyd
  • Other County departments and service providers are available to participate as needed

Applicants with job-generating development proposals are referred by staff to the EDAC process on a case-by-case basis. Any of the departments involved can request an EDAC meeting. Meetings are available every Wednesday from 1 to 3 pm. This site will be updated as necessary regarding EDAC information and opportunities in order to keep the public up-to-date.

Down Range Training Center - EDAC Testimonial