Multifamily Housing Program

In November 2018, Butte County suffered the most destructive wildfire in California history. The Camp Fire destroyed 14,000 homes in the Towns of Paradise and unincorporated communities in Butte County. As part of the Presidentially Declared Disaster response, Butte County has received $61.4 million in federal Community Development Block Grant- Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds to finance rental housing.

  • Round 1 - Request for project proposals is now closed
  • Round 2 - Open now, first-come, first-served

Funding Goals

  • Produce new rental housing units affordable to Low and Moderate Income households
  • Provide housing for displaced individuals, and individuals who became homeless, as a result of the Camp Fire

Eligible Applicants

Applicants must have experience in developing and operating at least one publicly subsidized, rent-restricted rental housing project.

Eligible Projects

  • Rental multi-family developments with 8 or more units
  • At least 30% of total project units, and a minimum of 4 units, affordable to households earning less than 80% of Area Median Income
  • Projects with site control; located anywhere within Butte County

Funding Amount

The minimum funding award is $250,000. The maximum funding award is the lesser of:

  • 40% of Total Development Costs
  • The sum of the CDBG-DR funding limits per CDBG-DR assisted unit shown in the following list

Bedrooms: CDBG-DR per Unit Limit

  • 0: $153,314
  • 1: $175,752
  • 2: $213,718
  • 3: $276,482
  • 4+: $303,490

Form of Funding

Funds will be awarded in the form of a deferred payment, residual receipts loan to multi-family projects.

Zoning Maps for Multifamily Housing

Round 1 Request for Proposals (Round 1 Is Now Closed)

The County received 10 proposals and recommended 8 projects to the California Department of Housing and Community Development for funding approval.

Round 2 Request for Proposals (Now Open)

Project proposals will be evaluated on a first come, first served basis until funding is exhausted.

The County was awarded a total of $61,361,926 to fund program administration and production of housing units affordable for low to moderate income households within multifamily projects, with $56,000,000 set aside to award to qualifying projects. Of this amount, $53,114,488 has been recommended by the County to HCD for awards through RFP #1 (RFP 08-22), leaving a balance of $2,885,512 available through this RFP #2. In addition to funding that is available in this RFP #2, the State of California Proposed Action Plan for Recovery related to the Camp Fire has a Phase II set-aside of $23,606,779, which is called a Phase II allocation, proposed to be available to all jurisdictions at a later date. HCD has indicated Phase II funds are available to all cities and counties where there remains a demonstrated need.

Request an Application Portal

(Referenced on page 19 of the RFP.)