Third convening of Regional Homeless Planning Symposium comes to Chico

CHICO, Calif.

Efforts to secure additional funding by developing a regionalized plan to address homelessness are moving forward.

The third convening of the Regional Homeless Planning Symposium took place in Chico on Wednesday, January 17.

The roundtable discussion featured stakeholders from various local agencies, including the City of Chico, City of Oroville, Butte County Probation and Butte County Behavioral Health.

"In 2023 the city saw continued success with the model including providing outreach and engagement and shelter opportunities to 210 individuals, clearing 21 encampments, and removing 661 tons of trash from encampments (1,322,000 lbs.).  This level of effort requires a very large financial commitment on behalf of the City of Chico. Exploring opportunities to consider the homeless crisis on a regional level, as was done during the planning symposium, assist programs being run by the City of Chico as well as any of the other Butte County jurisdictions," said City of Chico Deputy City Manager Jennifer Macarthy.

Homeless and Housing Administrator Briana Harvey-Butterfield says that the meetings were well attended and received.

“There was significant interest and great participation.  Overall, perspectives showed that the partners in the community want to collaborate with one another and are willing to do what it takes to ensure we are progressing in our efforts to end homelessness.”

The regional plan identifies stakeholders and each of their responsibilities.  

“The intent of many funding sources, especially Housing Homeless, Assistance, and Prevention (HHAP), is to improve regional collaboration and strategic partnerships related to homeless services and the housing delivery system. An effective system requires collaboration and support of all involved parties,” explained Harvey-Butterfield.

DESS’s Homeless & Housing team is working to complete and submit the application for HHAP funding by the March 27th deadline.

“Throughout the meeting series, a lot of helpful feedback and suggestions were provided. The process of gathering input from all areas with expertise allows for a very thoughtful and collaborative approach toward building a Regional Plan to positively impact homelessness,” said Harvey-Butterfield.

Wednesday’s symposium is the last meeting on this matter for now, but there may be more in the future as this process moves forward.