Paradise woman making quilts for local foster youth

A Butte County woman is making a difference in the lives of local children, one quilt at a time.

Caitlyn Matthews donates handmade quilts to local foster youth. After moving to Paradise in 2020—she joined the quilt guild which distributes donations to a wide variety of people.

Matthews started out by making quilts for friends and family—but quickly shifted her focus when she found out how many kids are in the foster care system.

“I thought about how difficult that must be on the children and decided I wanted to make quilts for the kids, so they had something that was just for them.  My hope is that it brings them comfort and something to cuddle when they are in a new environment.”

Matthews picked up quilting as a side hobby eight years ago before becoming a grandmother.

“I love quilting - the entire process.  From picking fabrics and a pattern, to cutting the fabric and piecing it together.”

On average—it takes four to six hours to knit a quilt from start to finish.

“The time flies because it is so much fun and hopefully makes a child's life a little easier.”