Meet Butte County’s Medi-Cal Navigators


The Butte County Department of Employment and Social Services has a team of Medi-Cal navigators who help walk people through an often-complicated application and coverage renewal process.

“The application process can often be overwhelming as there is a lot of paperwork and notices sent to anyone who applies.  The Navigators guide Butte County residents through the application process by helping to complete the application, informing customers what documents they will need to provide as part of the process, keeping them updated on the status of their application, and giving them information on local medical providers who accept Medi-Cal,” explained Lamisse Hirtel, Program Manager of Eligibility & Employment.

Community outreach is a key factor in increasing Medi-Cal enrollment in the North State. The navigators work closely with the Genesis and Torres Shelters to reach the homeless population. The team is often on site helping to guide people through the process while letting current Medi-Cal recipients know when to apply for renewal.

The educational outreach does not stop at enrollment and renewal. The navigators help to connect community members with doctors and other medical services covered by Medi-Cal.

“Many people may not fully understand the healthcare coverage options available through Medi-Cal,” said Hirtel. “There is often the myth that ‘no one takes Medi-Cal’ so the Navigators educate the community on the fact that there are local medical providers who take Medi-Cal so that chronic medical issues can be addressed by primary care providers and referrals to specialists when needed can be made and are covered.”

The experts in this team work daily to streamline the process while making it less stressful for applicants.

The navigators have a dedicated phone line and can be reached at 530-552-6607.

Once an application is submitted, the county has 45 days to determine eligibility.

This program has been in operation in Butte County since the start of the pandemic in March of 2020.