EbtEDGE app launches in California this November


EBT has a new app that allows users better control and oversight of their benefits, while helping to decrease incidents of benefits being lost to skimming.  

EbtEDGE was made available to Californians on the morning of November 10, 2023. CalFresh and other cash aid recipients can download and access the app using their existing login information.

Users now have the ability to freeze and unfreeze their EBT cards at a moment’s notice and reset their pin as often as they’d like. Recipients also have the ability to freeze and unfreeze online purchases and well as out-of state transactions.

This is part of a multi-pronged approach aimed at cracking down on widespread skimming that targets low-income Californians. The modernization features, similar to online banking, are meant to ensure that benefits are not stolen from rightful recipients.