Rollout of ebtEDGE security app moving forward


A new mobile app aimed at cracking down on EBT fraud is getting ready to launch in California.

EbtEDGE allows CalFresh and other cash aid recipients to take control over the security of their EBT card. This is in an effort to prevent state-issued benefits from being stolen electronically by skimmers who target vulnerable Californians and empty out their accounts.

Below is a full list of new security features:

  • Freeze/ unfreeze card: The app gives users the ability to freeze and unfreeze their card within seconds as often as they’d like. This automatically blocks all transactions and ATM withdrawals for those who have lost their card or suspect that their information has been compromised. For further protection, state officials recommend keeping your card frozen until it is time to buy something. 
  • Pin reset: Another feature is the ability to change your pin anytime which makes users less vulnerable to electronic theft and keeps you one step ahead of fraudsters.
  • Block Internet and out-of-state transactions: Online and out-of-state purchases will be blocked by default but recipients can change this in the app. For example—if you want to buy something online, it is recommended that you only unfreeze your card for that specific purchase. Those travelling to another state can unfreeze out-of-state transactions but are urged to block the card as soon as they’ve bought what they need.
  • Transaction history: Cardholders will be able to review their transaction history going back as far as a year. Details displayed include the merchant’s name, location and entry mode.
  • Account services: Users have the ability to change their password and update their email address as well as security questions and answers.  
  • Troubleshoot sign-in issues: The app includes options to reset your password, recover your username or unlock your account.

Additional features include entering a dispute for an EBT system error, setting language preferences, and the ability to delete your profile from the app.

The free mobile app will be available for Apple and Android users by the end of 2023. These features are also accessible on any web browser by visiting

Customers can use their existing user ID and password to login to the ebtEDGE app, meaning that you will not need to make any changes to access these new features.