Centralized online tool to manage benefits launches in California


A centralized tool to manage your benefits is now available in California.

BenefitsCal allows you to apply for, view and renew health coverage as well as food and cash assistance.

Those unsure about whether they qualify can check eligibility for a variety of programs on the site. You can also apply and create an account to keep track of the application process.

The new tool allows customers to check their EBT balance, upload documents and submit reports.

There is also a student center section which allows you to apply for food, cash and healthcare all at once.

The goal of the website is to conveniently match individuals and families with the appropriate services that they need.

On average, it takes about 30 minutes to complete an application. If you run out of time you can save the application and finish it later.

An estimated 30 percent of California’s population is eligible for CalFresh but hasn’t applied yet.

A convenient, one stop shop could help get more people the assistance that they qualify for.