New mobile app will give customers more control over EBT card security


A new mobile app will soon give customers more control over the security of their EBT cards. This is part of an effort to prevent food and cash aid benefits from being stolen electronically by skimmers.

The ebtEDGE app is on track to launch in California by the end of the year. It will be available for all iPhone and Android users through a quick download on the app store.

The app comes with a variety of modern security features similar to what you see with online banking, such as facial recognition and touch ID. It allows customers to block out-of-state and internet transactions temporarily or permanently, which cuts down on the risk of skimmers stealing card information and emptying out accounts.

Customers will also be able to freeze and unfreeze their cards at moment’s notice if they suspect that their information has been compromised. Other useful features include the ability to reset the EBT card pin through the app, as well as ordering the replacement of a lost or damaged card.