How Can Members of the Public Get Involved With Redistricting? 

Members of the public are encouraged to provide input regarding any matters they feel Board Members should consider when redrawing district lines. In addition, members of the public may develop and submit their own redrawn district plans for consideration by the Board. The Board encourages members of the public to consider legal requirements and traditional districting principles when providing input or submitting their own redrawn district plans for consideration.

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How May a Comment Regarding the Redistricting Process, a Community of Interest, or a Redistricting Plan be Submitted? 

What is the Schedule for Public Redistricting Meetings? 

9/01/21Chico Elks LodgeCommunity Meeting6pm
09/02/21Southside Oroville Community Ctr.Community Meeting6pm
09/09/21VirtualVirtual Community Meeting6pm
09/14/21Board ChambersBoard Meeting Update1:30pm
09/28/21Board ChambersBoard Meeting Update11:15am
10/12/21Board ChambersBoard Meeting Update1pm
11/09/21Board ChambersBoard Meeting Update11am
11/22/21Board ChambersBoard Meeting Update1pm
11/29/21Board ChambersBoard Meeting Update9am
12/06/21Board ChambersBoard Meeting Update1pm
12/14/21Board ChambersBoard Meeting Update1pm