Substance Use

Substance Use Disorder Services

General services are listed on this page. Contact information for services is available by location.

Outpatient Centers

Age Range: 12 to 17
Providing assessment, diagnosis, treatment and recovery services for youth who are concerned about their use of alcohol, marijuana, prescription narcotic or other substance. Treatment includes individual counseling, group counseling, case management support, and relapse prevention planning. Referrals to community resources are also provided. 

Age Range: Ages 18 and over
Outpatient Centers provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment and recovery services to individuals facing substance use challenges, substance use challenges related to alcohol use, narcotic or prescription use, marijuana, and/or stimulant use. Referrals to community resources are also provided.

Mothers and / or Pregnant Women Program

Age Range: All 
Stepping Stones (Perinatal Program) in collaboration with Butte County Department of Employment and Social Services (DESS), is an outpatient program that provides substance use treatment to women who are pregnant or parenting children. Services for parenting, pregnant, or perinatal women include assessment, diagnosis, individual and group counseling, intensive outpatient services, case management and referrals to residential treatment providers. Referrals to additional community supports are also provided.

Treatment Court Program

Age Range: Ages 18 and over  
Adult Drug Court, in collaboration with the law enforcement and the court, provides access and treatment to felony offenders who have substance disorders. This is a voluntary program providing structure by linking supports and treatment with ongoing judicial oversight, probation supervision, and team management. BCDBH provides assessments, group and individual treatment, and referrals to residential treatment as appropriate.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Age Range: Ages 18 and over
Using medication (Suboxone, Vivitrol) coupled with counseling and behavioral therapies, to provide a whole person approach to the treatment of substance use disorders related to central nervous system depressants (opioids, alcohol). Medication Assisted Treatment includes assessment, individual and group counseling, physician review and monitoring, and case management.

All services are voluntary for individuals requesting support for substance use disorder issues/challenges. 42CFR provides federal and state confidentiality guidelines and protections for individuals who receive these services.