PC 10008 In-Custody Death Reporting

The following reports of in-custody deaths are posted pursuant to California Penal Code §10008:


07/09/2023 – Michael Sobrero, age 58, Butte County Jail 

The full name of the agency with custodial responsibility at the time of death:

Butte County Sheriff’s Office

The County in which the death occurred:

Butte County

The facility in which the death occurred, and the location within that facility where the death occurred.

Butte County Jail (E-Pod) / Pronounced at Oroville Hospital 

The race, gender and age of the decedent.

White, male, 58 years old.

The date on which the death occurred


The custodial status of the decedent, including, but not limited to, whether the person was awaiting arraignment, awaiting trial or incarcerated.

Awaiting trial – Remanded into custody at Butte County Court on 06/29/23. 

The manner and means of death.

Apparent suicide - Pending further investigation and final determination.


07/11/2023 Press Releasehttps://bcso.crimegraphics.com/2013/default.aspx?InitialTab=13